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Mitsubishi International PolymerTrade Corp.

Oil Field Chemistries

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Oil Field Solutions

Mitsubishi International PolymerTrade Corporation is active in the world's oilfields with highly specialized products.
For information on the specific products we offer to the oil producing industry, follow the links below. Please use the contact form to speak with an MIP salesperson regarding information or sample requests.



Persulfates are used as viscosity oxidizing breakers, encapsulated persulfates and live breakers are used as an additive for oil well stimulation
Mitsubishi offers Sodium, Ammonium and Potassium Persulfates all across the United States

ATBS ( 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid) / AMPS

Granular and 50% solution ATBS product for downhole wastewater applications, stable at wide range of pH, less susceptible to ppt in high temp hard water, active scale inhibitor

NIPAM (N-Isopropyl Acrylamide)

NIPAM is used in the preparation of thermally sensitive, water swellable hydrogels

ACMO (Acryloyl Morpholine)

ACMO is used in adhesives, coatings, UV-Curable coatings and inks, oil recovery, and textile and plastic applications

BA (Butyl Acrylate)

Butyl Acrylate is used as a base monomer for the preparation of acrylate adhesives

2EHA (2-Ethyl-hexyl-acrylate)

2EHA is one of the base monomers for the preparation of acrylate adhesives

Functional Monomers

Mitsubishi offers a wide array of monomers in other applications

Who is MIP?

Mitsubishi International PolymerTrade Corporation (MIP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas). MIP offers high-value-added services in a broad range of specialty chemicals, PVC and plastics. MIP's primary businesses are related to marketing, global trading, finance, distribution, procurement, technology transfer, product sourcing, and supply chain management.